Flocking & Lighting Services

We offer custom flocking and lighting on our Christmas trees! 

Flocking makes your Christmas tree extra magical by providing the look of snow. We offer light (green showing with a snow dusted look), medium (some green showing with some snow showing), and heavy flocking (mostly snow covering over the green). Choosing the amount of snow depends on how much green you want to peak through on the branches. You can also add crystals with your flocking for an extra sparkle.

The flock is baking soda based and is Pet & Children safe.

TIP: the bag we wrap your tree in for its ride home keep tied and under your tree skirt for easy clean up.

We also offer lighting on our Silver Tip trees. $25/hour Plus you provide the lights and 9 strip outlet cord. To fully light your tree, take the height of your tree and multiply one and a half times. Example: 8' tree would be 12 boxes of 100 lights. Or 4 boxes of 300 lights.