Christmas at WISHING WELL

This is our family's 40th Christmas season of selling fresh cut Oregon grown Christmas Trees!  When my hubby Den was a senior at Phoenix High School in Phoenix, Oregon each student was required to have a senior project. Since he grew up in a nursery (S. O. Nursery) he was thinking of a project involving something to do with trees or plants. Every Christmas season his family's nursery sold Live Christmas trees (in cans or ball & burlap). Den thought it would be fun to add cut trees to the line up. With his own money he found, set up and sold 25 cut Christmas Trees. It was a BIG hit so the following year he did it again but bought 50 trees. Year after year he added trees. Then he had another fun idea of learning how to flock trees giving the look of snow with a little sparkle effect. Fast forward to this year, 2019, and he along with his wife, me (Carie) and our children including three sons (Andrew, Ben, Matthew) and one daughter (Emma) plus our newest addition our daughter-in-love Kori are preparing our family business for yet another wonderful season. The biggest enjoyment  we all continuously talk about are the family's that come in year after year, generation after generation. Here's to our 40th year- May it be a blessed year for each person who comes to our store for a visit!

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