Brother sister team Ben and Emma Trost as well as Bloodhound Beau are a 4th generation of their great grandparents S.O. Nursery rooted in 1945. They have been inspired to add House Plants to their family store. One family with two stores sitting side by side. The Nursery is right next to Wishing Well. The Nursery fully stocked with everything you need for outdoor plants, trees, veggies, soil amendments, fertilizers, chemical treatments, gloves, rakes, shovels, etc. for gardening outdoors as well as a selection of indoor plants.

Wishing Well is a specialty water garden store that includes newly added House Plants as well as specializes in drilled rocks for water features, Koi/Goldfish, water plants, basins, pumps, filters, fountains, engraved rocks, Christmas Trees- flocked and green, Gifts, Home & Garden Decor!

The House Plants that Wishing Well carries have been extensively researched for their rare beauty, best care, and purpose. We have Ben and Emma on site to guide a plant enthusiast with or without experience. The duo taking great care in keeping the indoor plants happy and ready to go home to be enjoyed!

We offer a diverse house plant list ranging from succulents, tillandsia (air plant), cactus, ferns to tropicals. The list is growing weekly. 

Whether the weather has you inside or outside or both we've got what your looking for. 

WE OFFER FREE PLANTING!  Whether its your container or you've purchased one of ours we will have you planted up and ready to go! We also offer transplanting. Bring your plants in and they will leave refreshed and happy!