The Indoor Plants that Wishing Well offers have been researched for their beauty, best care, and purpose in your environment. Our team takes great care in keeping the indoor plants happy and ready to go your home or office to be enjoyed! Zoe (seen in pic above) is available to help navigate in your plant shopping experience.

We offer a diverse house plant list ranging from succulents, tillandsia (air plant), cactus, ferns to tropicals. The list is growing weekly. We also offer a WISH LIST for plants we will do our best to find and get in depending on availability.

Whether the weather has you inside or outside * or both we've got what you're looking for! *we offer water plants when in season mid March through October.

WE OFFER Free Planting with purchase of a plant or pot or both! When you purchase one of our plants or one of our pots or both, we are happy to put them together with our "Good Dirt" soil and then you're ready to go!

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