Christmas Tree Guide

Each season is new & different. Because we only offer Oregon grown Christmas trees the *variety varies year to year. Depending on the family tree farms we offer 5 varieties of trees: Nordmann Fir, Noble Fir, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, and Silver Tip. If you hear these words and imagine the exact same tree for each name, have no fear because we're here to help you get your perfect tree!

Although you cannot really go wrong with any of these varieties, each offers different benefits that are worth considering.

*This year, we have Noble Firs, Silver Tips, and Douglas Firs available. 

Nordmann Fir trees have attractive foliage and softer needles that resist shedding as the tree begins to dry (for whomever does the sweeping in the house, this is a HUGE bonus!). Additionally, Nordmann's lack the typical "Christmas tree" fragrance and are thus a great choice for those with aroma sensitivities or allergies.

Noble Firs are quite durable with superior needle retention, and are often chosen for their symmetrical shape and wonderful aroma. Noble Firs are widely used for making wreaths, garlands, and other Christmas greenery decor. 

Douglas Fir. If any of the tree names rang a bell, this is probably it. Douglas Firs are the most popular with their sweet fragrance and long, soft, blue-green needles. Their branches are flexible and medium weight, which is helpful for transport and decorating with ornaments. 

Grand Fir trees are the second most popular of the tree varieties with their thick foliage and strong fragrance. Their needles are lustrous and shiny, with a dark green hue. 

Silver Tips, also referred to as Red Fir trees, are most popular for their aesthetic. These trees have blue-green needles on the outskirts of their branches that contrast with the color of the interior needles, giving a silver tipped look to the tree. Besides their beauty, silver tips are also a great choice because they have extremely stiff branches to hold the heaviest of ornaments and have great "keep ability" to last throughout the season.