Custom Tree Flocking Since 1979

Our family is like really into Christmas!

In 1979 Den Trost (the dad) starting selling cut Oregon-grown Christmas Trees as a senior year project. Our family business at the time sold lLive Evergreens. aka Christmas Trees. Den thought it would be fun to try out fresh cut trees and then later learned about making them look like snow had fallen fresh on them with flocking. So it began and our family has been custom flocking Christmas Trees including trees from our lot, another lot or faux. It's a family tradition for many!

We offer flocking in Light (a dusting of snow look), Medium (snow settled with green peaking through, Heavy (it has snowed for days and no green showing) as well as Crystals (a sparky effect). We also have excellent tree stands. The stands have rebar legs and a green bucket that holds water. Bring in each year and we will put the stand on for you. We drill a hole at the end of the trunk and hammer the stand on. At the end of the season all you have to do is twist it off.