Wishing Well is more than just a store to buy products and supplies for your Home and Outdoor Living. We offer a variety of services to fit your wants and wishes! Whether it be a special engraved rock or help with your pond through cleaning, maintenance, or water testing, Wishing Well's got you covered!

Services Offered:

Engraved Rocks

 Engraved Rock PRICING is determined by the size of the rock and we would be happy to discuss that with you in store or over the phone. 541.779.4373

Need the perfect gift for any occasion? Well, look no further! At Wishing Well we offer custom engraved rocks done in house. We have a variety of rocks you can choose from or you can bring your own and we can engrave it for you! Come on down to our store to view some examples and discuss what you want your rock to look like with one of our associates!

Drilled Rocks

Drilled rock water features are a beautiful and unique design that we love to create. Come on down to our store to see examples and talk with one of our associates so we can create your ideal drilled rock feature! We have various sizes that are ready to go today!


If you want to show your pond, fountain or drilled rock water feature some love but want someone else doing the dirty work, give us a call! We have a great pond maintenance guy we can schedule you with to give you a FREE estimate and determine what your pond needs as far as cleaning and maintenance to keep your pond, fountain or drilled rock water feature thriving.

CALL TODAY- 541.779.4373 to get your name in our schedule book! 

  • Water Testing

Having a hard time with your pond and just aren't sure what to do? Bring in a sample of your water and we can test it for you and further advise you on what treatment products will help balance out your water levels to get your pond healthy and beautiful again! FREE TESTING for customers.

  •  FREE PLANTING- Whether you need a New Plant put into a new container pot or Transplanted from the pot its in we will do that for you for free! If you have your own containers or pots bring those in and we will use those with your new plants. Either way we are happy to do the planting for you!  We use Organic Soil and other natural soil amendments aa needed. Ben and Emma are our "Go To" Plant Peeps however if they are unavailable their parents will do their best.